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Hayley McQueen Biography

Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen was born in 9th of December in Manchester ,1979.She is known to be one of the famous name in sports news as a presenter in all over United Kingdom....Read more

By: Poly Listy | Celebrities | Jul 21 2013

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Hala Gorani Biography

Hala is a former host of ‘Inside the Middle East ‘ that used to be broadcasted on CNN International which was based on different isues such as social ,political and cultural aspects .During her fi...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 27 2013

Trish Regan Biography

Trish Regan is an American television personality who was born on 13 December 1977 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA . Her birth name is Tricia Ann-Regan McEachern . She is also a financial expert and...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 28 2013

Brooke Baldwin Biography

Brooke Baldwin a news reporter of the CNN channel is one of the leading journalist of America. She was born on July 12, 1979. At the age of 13 she joined Westminister Schools she later earned a dou...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 29 2013

Erica Hill Biography

American Journalist Erica Hill (born in July 20, 1976 in Clinton Connecticut) is a news presenter. Her mother name is Cheryl Hill. Erica has a sister as well. Erica spent her childhood in Connecticut,...Read more

Ellen DeGeneres Biography

The legendary American television host, stand-up comedian and actress Ellen Lee DeGeneres (Ellen DeGeneres) was born on January 26, 1958 in Metairie Louisiana. Her mother name is Betty DeGeneres who ...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 29 2013

Margaret Brennan Biography

CBS news Correspondent Margaret Brennan was born in Stamford, Connecticut, USA. As a child she was so influenced in dancing which she began from age 5, but later she had to end her dancing career beca...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 30 2013

Contessa Brewer Biography

Contessa Brewer is an American television news correspondent born on March 16, 1974 in Parsonsfield, Maine. She completed her graduation from Sacopee Valley High School in 1992. She attatined Syracuse...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 30 2013

Lindsay Whalen Biography

Lindsay Whalen is an American basketball player who was born on May 9, 1982 in Hutchinson,Minnesota. Her parents were Neil and Kathy Whalen. She is a professional player in the WNBA. Whalen Married to...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 30 2013

Gretchen Carlson Biography

An American media personality Gretchen Carlson was born on June 21, 1966 in Anoka, Minnesota. She is the daughter of Lee Carlson and Karen Carlson. She was the former Co-host of the popular show “Fo...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 30 2013

Lara Spencer Biography

Lara spencer is an American correspondent born on 19th June 1969. Her real name is Lara Christine Von Seelen. Her parents were Richard Von Seelen and Carolyn Von Seelen. She was raised by her parents ...Read more

By: Cany Mayer | Celebrities | Jul 30 2013