Eddie Vedder net worth

An American musician, songwriter, singer as well as multi-instrumentalist Eddie Vedder was born on 23rd December 1964 in Evanston, Illinois, United States. He is mostly known for being the lead vocalist as well as one of the three guitarists of the alternative rock band called Pearl Jam. As a child, he was named as Edward Louis Severson III. He is the son of Karen Lee Vedder and Edward Louis Severson Jr. when he was an infant, his parents got divorced in the year 1965.

Soon after that, his mother remarried Peter Mueller. For a time, Eddie went by the name Edward Mueller. He along with his family moved to San Diego County, California in the mid 1970s. It was at that time, that Vedder began to turn in music as a source of comfort. He got a guitar on his twelfth birthday from his mother. When Vedder was in his late teens, his mother nad Peter Mueller got divorced. He then stayed with his stepfather so that he would not have to change his high school. He attended San Dieguito High School.

During his senior year, he was on his own. He used to live in an apartment and support himself by doing a nightly job at a drug store in Encinitas. It was hard for him to balance the time in school as well as work. So in his senior, he dropped out of high school. He then joined his family in Chicago and it was that time when he changed his name to Eddie Vedder which was his mother’s maiden name. He earned his high school GED in the early 1980s and then he briefly joined a community college near Chicago.

He then returned to San Diego in 1984. He kept himself busy by recording demo tapes at his home and he also used to work various jobs. Later, he joined as a vocalist in 1988 for San Diego progressive funk rock band named Bad Radio. After leaving the band, he started to work part-time at a local gas station as a night attendant for the rest of the 1980s. In addition, he had also sang in the band Indian Style.

He then became a member of Temple of the Dog by the end of the year 1991. It was the band that featured all of the future members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell. The only album of Temple of the Dog was released in 1991. After that, they formed another project called Pearl Jam and recruited Eddie Vedder as their vocalist. The band then quickly released their first debut album Ten. Vedder released his first solo album titled “Into The Wild” in 2007. Later, on May of 2011, he released his second solo album entitled “Ukulele Songs”.

To talk about his personal life, Vedder had married twice. At first he got married with his long time girlfriend Beth Liebling who is a musician. They exchanged their vows on 3rd June 1994. Due to some reason, the couple got divorced in 2000. Later in the year 2010 in 18tth September, Vedder married model Jill McCormick. The couple has two daughters together. Their first child named Olivia was born in 11th June 2004 and second child named Harper was born in 23rd September 2008. Standing at the height of five feet and eight inch taller, Eddie has a estimated net worth of $80 million.

Prior to that, Vedder is also known for his involvement in numbers of political and social views. In 2000, he was outspoken in support of Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader. Vedder is a vegetarian. He was ranked #64 on VH1’s 100 sexiest Artists. He is a Chicago Bulls fans. He is a surfer and is active in surf related conservation efforts in his spare time. He shows his support sporting an Earth First Tattoo on the right calf for environmental activism. It is a logo of a pipe which is wrench crossed with a stone hammer.