Harris Faulkner Biography

Award-winning newscaster and television host  for Fox News Channel, Harris Faulkner was born on October 13, 1965 in Atlanta, Georgi, U.S. She is a daughter of a former United States Army aviator. She currently does a role of an anchor on the "Fox Report Weekend " which airs every weekend from 7-8 p.m. ET. Her viewers for the show is exceptional, as she has got a nature-gifted talent which she displays whenever she comes on the screen. Faulkner is graduated from University of California Santa Barbara by majoring in business economics and mass communications.

After the graduation, Faulkner decided to get into the job and found a post as a junior accountant prior to work as a freelance writer for L.A. Weekly. She then worked for KCOP -TV which was her first job at the television and later was offered to work for WNCT-TV in Greenvill, North Carolina. She was a quick learner and more impressively, she took her given responsibility sincerely and finally was hired by WDAF-TV Channel 4 where she stayed for eight years. After several years of contribution at WDAF-TV, she then moved in Twin Cities to join KSTP-TV and worked on evening show. She served at KSTP-TV as a leading anchor for evening news from 6 pm and 10 pm and remained there until 2004. Afterwards, she worked for newsmagazine "A Current Affair" as a correspondent until its cancellation in october 2005.

After years of experience in the televisions ,she joined Fox News Channel in 2005 being a reporter and prime-time news break anchor. She would host "Fox News live ", but now she works on breaking news "Happening Now" between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m E.T. as well as fills in as a substitute anchor for the "Fox Report Weekdays". She also anchors "Fox News Extra" and contributes as a guest-panelist on the late night  satire show on Fox News called "Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld."She spends her spare time being a motivational speaker by serving for numerous charitable causes. Meanwhile, Faulkner has been occupying a reputable position at FNC and plays the leading role for the channel.

Faulkner has got a  diverse-talent which earned her  six "Emmy Awards," which include award for Best Newscaster and Best News Special.Moreover, she had won "Amelia Earhart Pioneering Lifetime Achievement Award" in 1988 for her altruistic efforts. She has been in the television industry for  over a decades and is one of the high-profile television journalists who has name and fame all over. Faulkner is a mother of two kids the first child was born in 2007 and second one in 2009. She receives a great support from her husband all the time since they both have common level of understanding and are connected with each other with the family relationship. Like other television newscaster, Faulkner is also a regular user of social medias ,such as facebook and twitter, where she shares news post pictures and updates other information regarding her work-life. We can obtain more of her information from other sources including wikipedia as well.