Jennifer Huston wiki

Jennifer Huston was a-stay-at-home mother of two sons who are aged two and 6. She went missing from the evening of July 24 after running errands to a drug store and a gas station. Since then, Police were looking clues and her friend and family members had also launched social media campaign for finding her.

Huston used her credit card to fill up gas in her Lexus SUV at the Circle K at around 6 p.m. But after that, there has not been any transaction on her credit card or on her cell phone. Her body and vehicle was found on 5th August, Tuesday 2014 on a private property in the wooded, rural area which is about twenty five miles southwest from where she was seen last on 24th July. 

The owner of the property, Vern Clemmer  found the SUV while riding the tractor in that area. He then also smelled somehing and he thought it was a dead deer. Vern then observe the license plate of that vehicle and drove back to his home. When he said it to his wife, she asked whether it is a dark green SUV. Police identified the vehicle that it was of Hoston and they immediately found her body nearby.

Jeff Kosmicki who is a Newberg-Dundee Police Department spokesperson said that there is no any evidence of any crime and no reason to believe that Huston vanished under the suspicious circumstances. But the family members of her insisted that she would never leave on her own accord. Her father, Bill Turner also stated that there were no any conflicts at home.

To talk about her personal life, she was a married woman. She was married to her husband Kallen Huston. The couple has two sons. She was at the age of thirty eight and she stood at the height of five feet and seven inch. Her husband said that the disappearance of his wife was completely out of character.

Apart from that, Huston was last seen wearing pink Nike shoes and yogo pants. While she was disappeared, her friends covered her hometown with missing flyers and also posted the flyers along Interstate-5 as far away as Tacoma.