Kellie Maloney boxing

Kellie Maloney is a retired boxing manager and promoter as well as United Kingdom Independence Party Politician who is undergoing gender reassignment. She was born in the year 1953 in Peckham. She is mostly notable for managing Lennox Lewis to Undisputed Heavyweight Championship of the World. Maloney also helped him to become the Britain’s first World Heavyweight champion for nearly a century in 1993.

Previously Maloney was living as a man and s She was born as Frank Maloney to an Irish parents. On August 2014, she announced publicly that she has planned to undergo the gender reassignment. She stated in an interview that she was born the wrong body and she has always known she was a woman. She also told that she can’t live in the shadows, that’s why she is doing what she is today and living with the burden any longer would have killed her. She said to Sunday Mirror that she was living as a female for more than a year.

Maloney began boxing while she was still at the school. At that time, she wanted to become a Catholic Priest but she failed to enjoy some of the time spent at a seminary. She also attempt  to become a jockey as well as a football player. She then became a chef and also continued boxing. She started to train other boxers and organizing an amateur contests before she was at the age of twenty.

By the late 1970s, Maloney set her career as a professional trainer with working relationship with Frank Warren. He got separated with Warren in 1980s. After that, she moved into management and she began to promote professional fights. At that time, she became the manager of Lennox Lewis in 1989 till 2001. He then again got teamed-up with Warren in the year 2000. Kellie announced about his decision to get retired from boxing on October 2013.

To talk about her personal life, Maloney has married twice. Maloney was married to his second wife named Tracey for over 15 years. Maloney and Tracey have two daughters together and she also has a daughter from her first marriage. She also has a dog named Louis.

Apart from that, Kellie also stood in the 2004 London mayoral election. She came forth with just under 7% of vote. She also stood for the UKIP in the year 2010 in East London constituency of Barking. In addition to that, she appears on television and radio shows occasionally as a guest and she is also known for her outspoken opinions. Besides that, Maloney entered the reality television show called Celebrity Big Brother in August of 2014.