Lolita Richi wiki

16 years old Lolita Richi is known as the youngest human Barbie Doll. She is from Kiev, Ukraine. She is a high school student and currently she lives in Turkmenistan. While she was growing up, she was a tomboy and she did not had any interest in her appearance.

She did not had interest to play with the dolls like other girls of her age. Lolita, after completing her school, wants to be a psychologist. She also love to achieve a fame for her look. Lolita Richi is a super confident girl and only a year ago, she adopted the doll like look. Additionally, she wears contact lenses which give her eyes a wide look and a doll-like stare.

To talk about her personal life, Lolita is not in any relationship. She gets a lot of attention from boys in her high school but she doesn’t like anyone of them and she has not found a boy of her taste. She follows the footstep of Valeria Lukyanova aka Human Barbie.

She stands tall at the height of five feet and four inch. Lolita has 20 inch waist and 32F bra size. She claims that she has achieved her doll-like looks naturally without any help of the photoshop or plastic surgery.

In addition to that, Richi has a huge fan following online where she has shared hundreds of her pictures. She also has numbers of fans who follow her on the Russian VK social network. Although she is now at the age of sixteen, her mother approves and also captures all her photographs.