Maria Molina Biography

Maria Molina is an American television meteorologist who is currently affiliated to Fox News Channel. She was born on April 7, 1987 in Nicaragua. Molina is from Nicaragua ethnicity. She spent her childhood in South Florida. As a child, she was always fascinated by the changing weather, and by the time when she turned 5, she dreamt to become the wether reporter.

To pursue her dream, she attended Florida State University from where she graduated cum laude and completed her bachelor's of science degree by majoring in Meteorology. Even after engaged in television, she is still continuing her study, as she desparately wants to complete her post graduation. Molina is the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, which she earned from American Meteorological Society.

Molina began her television career as a weather forecaster at the Student television station (4FSU) in Tallahassee, Florida. She had interned at some local cable stations as well. Prior to join Fox News Channel, she served for televisions like WTV-TV, WSCV-TV and AVY-TV. Molina was also a bilingual TV meteorologist which she worked for AccuWeather, an American media company located in State College, Pennsylvania where she provided the weather reports in both English and Spanish language.

All hard work finally paid her off when she employed at the leading news television called Fox News in 2010. Since the time of her arrival at FNC, she has always been impressive in covering the weather events along with updating the latest weather report. Molina also works as FNC spokeperson and is the yougest to do so. More importantly,she has already made a significant impact in the television industry which is absoutely remarkable.

Standing tall at just over five feet, Molina possesses slim figure with pretty and gorgeous looks. She maintains herself by doing regular workout and is really conscious of her fooding habit. When it comes to her personal life, her relationship status shows that she is currently single. Although it seems that she is single, but, we believe that she might be on date with a handsome guy.

However, media-persons haven't spotted her with any guy so far. She has never said anything about her future marriage plans. In fact, she doesn't like to speak anything about her personal life in public. She is beautiful and attractive which is the reason why her male fans are always dreamt to marry her. Molina, 26, would be the suitable example for many youngsters who want to build their career in the news television industry.

In a short period, she has attained a great deal of height and showed lots of commitment. It is indeed that she has yet to receive honors and recognizations, but will have those when she does more progress in long run. Molina is currently residing in New York City. More of Molina's information such as her childhood background, career history and achievements can be obtained from different sites. She has her own Twitter account from where we can know her very closely as she often tweets and shares many things about her.