Natascha Kampusch wiki

An Austrian woman Natascha Kampusch who is notable for her abduction when she was at the age of ten on 2nd March 1998 was born on 17th February 1988 in Vienna, Austria. As a child, she was named as Natascha Maria Kampusch. She is the daughter of Ludwig Koch and wife Brigitta Sirny. Her parents got separated when Natascha was still a child. Later, they got divorced after Natascha’s abduction.

On 2nd March, 1998, Natascha left home for school but she was failed to arrive at school or come back home. It was reported by a 12 years old witness that she was seen being dragged in a white minibus by two men. She was kidnapped for eight long years. During that time, Natascha tried to kill herself several times.

She was beaten up to 200 times a week. She was held in a small cellar underneath Priklopil’s garage which only had five square meters of space. She was not allowed to leave the chamber for first six month. She was then not allowed to leave a chamber at night for several years.

After years, she started to spend more time upstairs in rest of the house but every night she was sent back to the tiny space to sleep. She was allowed to leave the house after her 18th birthday but only with Priklopil. He had threatened her to kill her if she made any noise. He also took Natascha on a skiing trip for few hours.

Natascha escaped in August of 2006 at the time when she was cleaning the kidnapper’s car and he was distracted by a phone call.  Shortly after her escape, her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil killed himself by lying down in front of the train.

On 5th December 2007, Natascha established her own website which contains her personal information that also includes pictures of her. In addition, she started her own talk show that had the working title of In Conversation with… Natascha Kampusch. The show was premiered as Natascha Kampusch trifft which in English means Natascha Kampusch meets. It was aired on 1st June 2008 on the new Austria TV channel, PULS 4.

She also became the new face in 2009 of animal rights group called PETA in Austria. Besides that, it was announced on 17th June 2010 that German film-maker and director Bernd Eichinge was going to make a film which was based on the captivity of Kampusch. Natascha admitted on 17th February 2013 that she was raped for several times during her captivity.

A German newspaper reported on 15th April 2012 that a movie that is based on her autobiography would be made with the same name and it would feature Antonia Campbell-Hughers and Natascha and Thure Lindhardt as Priklopil. The film was named 3096 Tage and directed by Sherry Hormann and it was released on 28th February 2013.

Apart from that, Natascha has also written books. She is known for writing Natascha Kampusch- Ein Schicksal im Rampenlicht in 2013, 3096 days in 2013 and Natascha Kampusch- 3096 Tage in 2010.