Robin Cousins

One of the biggest names in skating history Robin Cousins is a retired British  figure skater. He was born on August 17, 1957 in Bristol. As a child he was always influenced by figure skating and also got supports from his father who was an apprentice goalkeeper at Millwall FC. He started skating earlier from his childhood. For the first time he was taught to dance by the female coach who was Pamela  Davis, she gave him details about the show business package, fabrics and techniques. Afterwards he moved to London and was coached by Carlo Fassi. Back then there was a financial problems for him to get skating training, however, his family members really tried their best to support for his skating lessions. He was a hard-woking  and extra motivated as he used to do a lot of practice before and after the public sessions. His name was also introduced into the World Figure Skating Hall of Fame in 2005. At present, he is associated in television industry as well as in theater.

 He was honored by several awards and among them his first came in 1969 which was a national award while skating for the first time at Westover Road Ice Rink when he was just twelve years old and later he became a junior winner of Britain. When he was young he played as an amateur skater by representing the United Kingdom for eight years and also won the National Senior Championships four times in a row. He has got several records in his name, in fact he is the 1980 Olympic Champion, World medalist for the three-time (1978 -1980). In addition, he won the silver medals in 1979 and 1980 during the World Championship. After winning the European championship he climbed another milestone in his career. 

In 1977 he got his  knees injured during the 1977 World Championships and later in 1980 he had to undergo a surgery on both of his knees. He retired from skating in 1980, afterwards he involved in television industry and in theater. He appeared in different shows such as Ice Caped, world professional championship and Holiday Inc. In 1993 he founded his own skating company and set tours which includes Ice Majority and Electric Ice. Moreover, he is a successful theatre actor as well who played in the shows like Cinderella of Rodgers, Hammer Stein, Musical act Cats, Horror Show and so on. On the other hand, he also worked as a producer, director and choreographer in several international televisions.

He used to be invited as a guest anchor in BBC Sports Channel where he would be a commentator of world figure championship as well as the winter Olympics. Robert is currently residing in Brighton and has been working as a judge in the show Dancing on Ice. Moreover, in March 2012 he appeared in the gameshow All Star Family Fortunes. His name is also in the Guinness Book for the record forbiggest skating wheel. He has contributed for the Aids charities after the death of his friend, Robin McCall who was a former Canadian Champion, and also with other non-profit organization. Robert is at his 50’s and has been spending his successful retired life. Many of his fans even don’t know why he is still unmarried or why he didn’t have linked with any woman. Perhaps, he doesn’t like to disclose his personal information but people have their own kinds of thoughts  and understanding about him.