Scott Rush wiki

An Australian former labourer Scott Rush was born on 3rd December 1985 in Chelmer, a western suburb of Brisbane. As a child, he was named as Scott Anthony Rush. Rush was convicted for drug trafficking in Indonesia as a member of Bali Nine. He attended Brisbane’s St Laurence’s College and due to the drug related incident, Rush was expelled from there during his Year 10 studies.

He then went on to join an inner Brisbane school named Marist College Rosalia from where he got graduated in the year 2002. The media reports claims that he was using cannabis when he was at the age of fifteen and later, he started using ecstasy and prescription drugs.

Scott Rush is one among the four couriers who were caught in the Bali Airport in 17th April 2005 by the Indonesian Police along with 8.2 kg of heroin that were strapped in their bodies. They were ready to board the flight to Sydney from Bali. At that time, Rush was at the age of nineteen.

Scott was sentenced to the life imprisonment on 13th February 2006 by the Denpasar District Court. Later, on 6th September, after appealing against the severity of sentence, Bali Court changed his sentence to the death penalty in what many others considered it to be a surprising outcome for Rush. On the appeal to Indonesian Supreme Court, it resulted the reduction of Rush’s sentence to life imprisonment on 10th May 2011.

The earliest date that Rush could be released from the prison is not known and he is now continuing to serve in an Indonesian prison. He is serving his imprisonment in Indonesia. Scott receives A$125 per month under the prisoner loan scheme from Australian Federal Government.

To talk about his personal life, Rush is in relationship with Nikki Butler who is a London banker. Their love story began in Bali when the couple met each other the week before Rush’s arrest. Scott and Rush are going to get married to each other. In the mid of 2014, Rush proposed to Butler on one knee before her saying “Nikki I love you and you love me. I think we can have a happy ending. Will you marry me?” They had decided to marry behind the bars the following year.