Tony Reali Biography

Tony Reali an American sports personality and television host was born on July 4, 1978. He was born in Marlboro Township, New Jersey. Reali spent most of his childhood days living in New Jersey. In 1996, reali graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey and he also earned a bachelor of arts degree in both Communications and History from Fordham University.

From 1997 to 2000, he was also a sportscaster for WFUV at Fordham University as the voice of football and men’s basketball. He also covered the Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets as a beat reporter. He also wrote for WPIX-TV of New York in May 2000. In 2000, Reali joined ESPN as a researcher and writer for ESPN’s quiz show 2 Minute Drill. Later in October 2001, he joined Pardon the Interruption as “Stat Boy”. There his role was to correct and fact-check hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon at every end of the episode.

After that, Reali was hired as the full time host of Around the Horn in 2004, where he was engaged in the national panel in discussion and debate of the day’s leading sports stories. Reali scores the argument with mute buttons and joysticks. Reali awards points at his own discretion based upon the quality of the guests’ comments being as the host of Around the Horn. Tony is known for his in-depth knowledge of sports statistics and corrections of panellists on Around the Horn.

Reali became so popular that he started to appear daily for the segment called “Preview the Interruption” which was Tony Kornheiser’s radio show. In the show, he used to discuss about what was going to happen on PTI later on that afternoon. After becoming the host of Around the Horn and his popularity continued to rise, Kornheiser and Wilbon started introducing him by his actual name instead of calling him “Stat Boy”.

Reali’s apartment was damaged by a fire in October 1, 2007. It was a fact which was acknowledged by Tony Kornheiser on Pardon the Interruption on October 1 and by Reali himself along with the various correspondents on Around the Horn on October 2. On the occasion of this, Tony Reali shared his thoughts on the show’s successful run and what the opportunity has meant for him personally.

He appeared as a special guest star on Kick Buttowski: Subarban Daredevil. He provided his voice for “The Dark One” in “Rocked”. The episode was aired on 2012 September 22. Reali visited the White House in July 12, 2013 joined by Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. They met with President Barack Obama and he has previously joked with Reali that Around the Horn is the only one television show which he watches.

Reali is a Catholic and his faith is very important to him and so is his spirituality. It has made him who he is now and it has go him to where he is. He is known for ashes on his forehead on-air on ESPN every Ash Wednesday.