Nancy Kerrigan Biography

A retired American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was born on October 13, 1969 in Wobum, Massachusetts. She was born as Nancy Ann Kerrigan to Daniel Kerrigan and Brenda M. Kerrigan. Her ancestry includes Irish, English and German. When she was at the age of six, she began ice skating at the local rink in her hometown of Stoneham, Massachusetts.

She was the youngest in her family and her two older brothers named Michael and Mark used to play hockey. Nancy also wanted to play hockey but it was not considered an appropriate activity for girls at that time. So she took up figure skating instead. Kerrigan was shy as a child and wanted to be treated like a boy.

Until the age of eight, Nancy did not start private lessons and she won the Boston Open at the age of 9. It was her first competition. After tasting her first success, Nancy quickly went on to win both local and regional competitions. She used to wake up at 4 am each morning to attend the training before her going to class at Stoneham High School. After completing her high school, she enrolled in Emmanuel College which was near to her Stoneham home and she majored in business. 

After a year into her bachelor’s degree, she entered the National Collegiate Championships and also won it. She began to get training and competing in grammar school and won a bronze medal at the 1992 Winter Olympics. Kerrigan won a bronze medal at Albertville followed by her first national title at the U.S. Nationals in Phoenix, Arizona. She went down on a tenth place due to her poor performance at the 1993 World Games in Prague. Nancy was attacked by Jeff Gillooly in January 1994 during a competition.

Jeff is the ex-husband of skating rival Tonya Harding. Despite the injury on her knee, Kerrigan went on to win the silver medal at the 1994 Lillehammer Winter Olympics at the Hamar Olympic Amphitheatre finishing second to Oksana Baiul. After seven weeks of the attack, Kerrigan skated and she considered that to be the best two performances of her entire life. After the Olympics, Kerrigan got retired from the amateur competition. She then appeared in few professional competitions such as Ice Wars.

But she focused her career on performing in variety of ice shows. She has also appeared in Champions of Ice, Broadway on Ice and an ice show adaptation of the musical Footloose among other productions. Nancy appeared in the FOX television program named Skating with Celebrities in the year 2006 and also played a small part in the film Blades of Glory with Will Ferrell in 2007. She has also hosted Nancy Kerrigan’s World of Skating on the Comcast Network and has done commentary work for other skating broadcasts.

Kerrigan served during the 2010 Winter Olympics as a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. She has also written an instructional book on advanced figure skating technique, Artistry on Ice. ESPN aired a 30 for 30 documentary in the year 2014. It was called “The Price of Gold” about the 1994 attack. 

Talking about her personal life, she is married to her agent Jerry Solomon. They got married on September 9, 1995. It was the year after she got retired from the competition. The couple have three children. She gave birth to her first child on December 17, 1997 and named him Matthew. Her second child Brian was born on April 14, 2005 and the younger on named Nicole was born on May 14, 2008. 

Nancy was one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the People Magazine in 1993. She also started The Nancy Kerrigan Foundation for the visually impaired, honoring her mother who was legally blind and could barely see well enough. Nancy’s Olympic Skating outfit were designed by noted fashion designer Vera Wang.

In the year 2003, Nancy became a national spokeswoman for Fight for Sight. She is considered to be a legend in the world of figure skating.