Hannah Storm Biography

An American sports news journalist Hannah Storm (born in 1962, June 13) is an co-anchor of ESPN’s SportsCentre at present. She grew up and was raised in Oak Park, lllinois, USA. Her mother is a real state  agent whose name is Hannah G.Storen and father Mike Storen who was a commissioner of the American Basketball Association. Hannah has a two brothers. She did her graduation from Westminster Schools of Atlanta in the year 1979 and later got a degree of political science and communication  from the University of Notre Dame in 1983. She made her appearance in several radio and television shows during her journey.

At the beginning Hannah joined  WINDU-TV  and worked for somtime, later joined KNCN-FM(C-101)  before she moved to Houstan rock station KSRR 97 Rock as a sportscaster. While being four years in Houston she did several radio and television programs, she appeared in Houstan Rockets and also hosted Houstan Astros. In 1989 She began to associated in CNN and was seen in the CNN Sports Tonight show till  1992. It was on May 1992 when Hannah  joined in NBC, and hosted different sports program like NBA, Olympic, Football League. She also made a sports coverage of Wimbledon, French Open, Us Open and several others. After serving for several years in NBC she made her way to CBS News. Hannah reported major national and international news regarding Iraq war, US presidential election, terrorist bombings in London, Hurrucane Katrina while associated with CBS.

Hannah Storm married to Dan Hicks on January 8, 1994. Hannah husband Dan Hicks is associated in NBC as a sportscaster. It’s been more than a two decades since they have been together and there has not been any issues in their relation not even a rumors about divorce or misunderstanding. The couple now have three children, Hannah seems more than happy to have a beautiful family. She has one of her daughter named Hannah. Her husband supported her throught her career and now the couple are  living a blissfull life. Hannah is one of the leading sports news correspondent of today, every news channel wants to have her and willing to pay her expected salary. On December 11, 2012 Hannah had a propane gas grill accident at home  while she was working in the kitchen, later she recoverd after receiving a medical care and began to appear in SportsCenter from January 2013.