Heather Tesch

When it comes to prettier women serving in the news television as an on-camera meteorologist, you got to say that Heather Tesch is one of them. She was born in 1967 at Buffalo Minnesota. Her childhood years spent in the cold snowy place at Minnesota. She was a good student from her childhood. She received her degree in Meteorology from the Plymouth State of College, afterwards she attended the University of Minnesota and completed her post graduation in journalism and broadcast.

She is an American by the nationality and works for the Weather Channel. She is one of those successful meteorologists who is working for the Weather channel for a decade. Surprisingly, Heather didn’t start working as a meteorologist instead she was a news anchor in the beginning of her career. She worked in different locals channels and also was assigned to report on waste administration earlier, however, later she didn’t stick with the channel and finally moved to WPXTV as an on-camera meteorologist. 

She was really excited to serve in the channel as a meteorologist and also believed that it was a great experience an opportunity to tell the weather stories to the viewers throughout the globe. Moreover, she also served in several channels such as WGME-TV at Portland, WGAL-TV at Lancster and WCCO-TV at Minneapolis. She always loves working in The Weather Channel as the channel offers wonderful environment where different people share their view and show the interest about the weather, so she is more than a happy by getting a platform to expand her knowledge and explore new things and get valuable feedback from the employers. 

She is dedicated ,loyal and motivated at her work . She is one of the regular television personalities who is serving as a meteorologist as she hasn’t had long gap during her career except in the case of maternity leave. More importantly, her techniques are completely different  from other meteorologists . Her shows have huge number of viewers all over the world.

Heather has a great personality and looks amazing on the screen. She wears clothes that significantly suits her and her golden hair adds more on her elegant beauty. She is also a hiker, whenever she is off from the work she goes for hiking as she loves to enjoy the natural environment. Additionally, she likes to spend time at home by playing with her pets in fact, she has her own dogs and cats and has been supporting some of the organizations which work for the animals care . 

Heather is already in her 40’s ,but still looks young and beautiful. She is a married woman and there has not been any rumors about the issues of her marriage life. She has been receiving huge supportand love from her husband. She is very proud to have a great family.The couple has two children and they are the parents of son and a daughter.The whole family is currently residing at Atlanta. We can witness thousands of fans like on her facebook fan page  and also in her twitter account . She has put pictures of animals, friends and many more in her social networking sites.