Karen Finney Biography

The multi-talented political commentator Karen Finney belongs to American nationality who serves for MNSBC channel. Earlier, she worked as a sovereign advisor for the commercial consumers. At the moment, she is one of the experienced female political analysts who has been working with the state politics and crusade for more than a decade. She deals with several issues such as political and communication strategy, municipal, branding, media training, thought leadership development, public affairs and crisis communication by giving a counselling to the clients all over.

Besides working as a political commentator, she also spends time in writing books. More importantly, she  also contributed to improve the education in both the private and public sectors. She has worked on the boards of the Women’s Leadership Forum Network, New York. Likewise she served for the Teach for America, New York and Women’s Vote Center. She is a fellow of the French American Foundation’s prestigious “Young Leaders” .

Earlier, she was associated with Democratic National Committee as a spokesperson and Director  for four years. She also was a Deputy Press Secretary of Hillary Rodham Clinton in the beginning of 90’s. Later, she was offered to work as a Deputy executive for President Bill Clinton. During she was in DNC, she had guided DNC’s communications and media strategy for Howard Dean’s “50 State Strategy,” for the held events including congressional elections in 2006 and Presidential campaign in 2008. Moreover, she served in several high-profile campaigns, working as Drector of Communications for Elizabeth Edwards and Hillary Clinton’s Press Secretary in 2000.

Her skills and adaptability made her widely recognized, consequently, she was offered by several networks and later she joined to MSNBC channel. At first, she worked for weekend show at MSNBC and gradually she appeared in many talk shows regarding politics and on several other issues. Since from the beginning of her television career, she was successful to make a remarkable contribution by enhancing the viewers ratings and building the image of the channel. She has been playing a significant role for the MSNBC and has been receiving a great deal of salary.

Karen Finney is unmarried woman. She has already crossed her thirties and yet it is still unknown why she is still single. Several questions appear for the reasons why she is not linked with anyone. It is also said that she is not open to say about her personal life to the media. Some say that , she hasn’t found man of her dream as she hasn’t got enough time apart from rwork. Where as, other believe that she might be dating someone and soon going to get married. There are lots of rumors about why and when, however, she is not thinking of anything except her profession. Her details information has not been displayed in most of the websites including wikipedia but she is often seen sharing her pictures, news and moments with her fans in social networking sites like twitter and facebook.