Kelly Cass

Kelly Cass is one of the renowned meteorologists of American television who was born on November 27, 1973 in Poughkeepsie, New York. She is well-known as an award winning meteorologists. She is from Caucasian ethnicity. She attended Dutchess community college and completed A.S in communication. Likewise, she studied B.A in communication from the Adelphi University.

Back then when she was in college  she has had a goal of becoming the weather reporter on TV and later got enrolled in the Mississippi University where she majored in broadcast meteorology. From the beginning of her childhood she was always curious to know about the weather which finally lead her way in the field of meteorology. Meanwhile, she is associated with the Weather channel and has been working as the camera meteorologist.

Earlier, Kelly worked for WTZA-TV being aproducer and afterwards she began to serve as a weather news anchor for the same channel. Before officially associating with Weather channel she worked for WRGB-TV and served there as a weather news anchor in the morning and on weekday. Moreover, she served for WTZA (now RNN) where she anchored a weather news between 1990 to 1992. 

She spent seven years serving in WRGB-TV.  Apart from weather reporting she was also involved in field reporting and covered various news including family life and kids story. For her network coverage of a storm with widespread snowfall she hadwon the New York state broadcasting award. After serving for years in WRGB-TV she moved to the Weather channel. Kelly has been in the Weather channel for over a decade and her contribution to the channel is exceptional. 

In the beginning she co-anchored a weekend morning show with Bill Keneely. Later she was assigned to weekend evening program. Her techniques is amazing which is different from other weather news reporter. She never uses script for weather news but focus on maps and videos and uses her own styles. She is available at Weather channel on the afternoon at 2:30 PM and 5:00 PM in the evening. The viewers rating of her show is really very high.

Kelly is still young, and beautiful female meteorologist who is at her late thirties. She has got photogenic face, blonde hair and a perfect height. There is no doubt that she has a viewers from all over, especially her fans love her weather forecasting styles. Kelly is a fond of sports  such as tennis, football and softball. In addition, she likes to listen music and attending the movie theatre. 

She is also better known to be a great mother who spends most of the time with her kids.Furthermore , She loves hiking in mountains and spends time seeing the sites of natural environment. Her more details information regarding her marriage, husband are still not disclosed as it is kept secret by her. However, she is a happy person and has a huge reputation in the television industry. At the moment she is residing in New York along with her family. She has her own personal social networking sites where she is connected with her fans .